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What is the Cost of Hoarding Cleanup?

What is the Cost of Hoarding Cleanup?

A hoarder deals with a psychological condition that makes them prone to holding onto items in their life longer than they should. Some people hoard a variety of items, from magazines to golf clubs. Regardless of the hoarding the person does, it leads to them consuming all the free space in their home. The cost of hoarding cleanup can be expensive, so you should know what you’re getting yourself into before you start.

What is the Cost of Hoarding Cleanup?

The lounge becomes littered with items, which might be so bad that they can no longer find the TV or coffee table. When the person must move, or if they pass away and their house must be sold, the effects of their habitual behavior become a problem.

Cost of Hoarding Cleaning

Clearing the house may cost between $1,000 to $3,000 (approximately $2 per square foot).

Some people may clear the home themselves to reduce costs. However, they may still incur additional costs such as obtaining a dumpster rental. Others will use hoarding cleanup companies. Let’s look at some of the factors that affect the costs of clearing out a hoarder’s home.

Factors Influencing Hoarding Cleanup Costs

Scope of Work

The scope and size of the cleanup play the most significant role in assessing costs related to the task. Hoarders differ in the extent of their condition, some may hoard more than others.

One hoarding home may be packed to the rafters with clutter. Another might have only the garage packed with stuff requiring removal. Clearing an estate is different from cleaning out a home because of a court ruling. This may affect the final costs of decluttering.

Type of Home & Its Condition

If the home has more than one story, it will cost more to clear than a single-story house or apartment. This is true even if both properties have the same amount of clutter. The condition of the property also plays a role in assessing costs. If the house is old and falling apart, you need to be careful of loose floors and mold when cleaning up.

Hazardous Waste Removal

The types of clutter hoarded also play a role in assessing costs. Specialized services are required if the items create a health hazard. This is to avoid contamination to the removal team and avoid health risks. Personal protective equipment is often needed as well to ensure safety.

If the clutter involves biological materials or chemicals, removal of these items requires specialized services. Cleaning companies that are trained and licensed for the task will be used. This adds to costs, resulting in a more expensive cleanup operation than non-hazardous clutter.

Disposal & Storage

The nature of the hoarded materials may also require specialized removal and dumping. Additional licenses and permits are required to dispose of the accumulated clutter effectively. The removal agents may need to rent a skip to dispose of the clutter and arrange special dumping permits. Professional cleaning services do this if it presents a health or environmental hazard.

Not all hoarded clutter is worthless. Sometimes, it may have monetary or sentimental value to the hoarder’s family in the event of their passing. There could be a fee for moving and keeping the collected items in another place, like a storage unit.

Cleaning a Hoarder Home

If you have clutter to remove from a hoarder’s home, consider hiring a professional hoarding cleanup services. Doing it yourself may expose you to hazardous materials that damage your health. You’ll also incur costs, even with a self-directed cleanup.

A professional will visit the property and assess the situation. The service company will give you a quote for the cost of cleaning the hoarder’s house. The cost will vary depending on the specific needs of the job.

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